Organic poultry and eggs

We are are producing woodland chicken in response to high local demand, as according to our food survey 68 percent of respondents said they would be interested in buying the product.

We would also like to produce at least a small gaggle of geese for the table each year. They may be noisy, but they have great character and are fantastic foragers as most of their nutritional needs can be met by grazing good quality grass.


We've allocated a small area of woodland in part of their rotation as research has shown that chickens are most likely a descendant of a jungle fowl found in Asia (hence should live in the woods). We also believe that poultry should ideally be part of a wider organic system. For instance, poultry and cropping systems perfectly complement each other as poultry can occupy the last year of rest and fertilise the ground before cultivation. We hope to work with Chagfood more in this way in the future.