Organic woodland pork

We produce pork because we have plenty of waste wey from our cheese that the pigs love and grow very well on. We also believe there is a huge difference between low and high welfare pork. We feed our pigs organic growers pellets and provide them with over one acre per six pigs so they have plenty of land to forage and root around in. For three months of the year around the nut fall in September we provide the pigs with access to 2.4 acres of woodland.

The concept of our pork share is the same as two families buying, raising and sharing a pig together. We will divide the pig up for the members with varying joints each time as depicted below. The half pig share enables two members to buy a complete pig, visit, feed it and state how you would like it butchered.

The pork subscription is a flexible membership option where you either pay up front and decide what you want and when e.g. bacon and sausages every month or pay monthly and have a regular order or let it build up for a special treat later in the year.

pork share

Soon we will be producing chorizo, salami, pâté, dry cured and air dried hams similar to Parma and Serrano hams.