Other local produce

We like to support other local farms around us and often get our hands on some locally sourced beef, lamb, hogget, rabbit, vension and other game to add variety to our offer. The local meat subscription is a flexible membership option that allows you access a variety of local produce via a regular monthly order or saving your credit for a special treat later in the year.

Calling all lamb lovers! Check out the Howton Farm lamb and hogget share

This Howton Farm scheme will supply you with a whole or butchered lamb over a 6 month period and then a whole hogget/shearling for the next six months.

The idea is to have a team of 6 families involved per animal, sharing a 20 to 25 kg carcass on the hook. Please see below for the suggested distribution share out.

The animals will be taken to Ashburton which just over a 30 minute drive from Chagford for slaughter and then returned to Howton Farm the following day for optimum hanging time in our cold room. It will then be butchered and packed by us and will be ready for collection on a designated day of the month.

A share cost will be an upfront payment of £160 per animal x 2 payments, for a total cost of £320 per year. A monthly standing order of £27 per month is also available. A family can buy more than one share within the “Team” but must be committed for 12 months.

To subscribe to this and for more information ,please contact Alastair Wimberley at alastair(at)wimberley.co.uk

Suggested share out per month in rotation:

Portion A: 2 shanks, 6 loin chops and half shoulder, blade
Portion B: Top leg, rack or 6 cutlets and breast/mince
Portion C: Boneless chump joint, neck fillet and half shoulder, knuckle
Portion D: Neck, 6 Loin chops, and half shoulder, knuckle
Portion E: Top leg, rack or 6 cutlets and neck fillet
Portion F: Boneless chump joint, half shoulder, blade and breast/mince

Liver, hearts and kidneys will be added on request. Suggested recipes available. Extra joints ie whole leg or whole shoulder for a special occasion by request well in advance and will be charged at the current per kg price, out of the scheme.

The Advantages

A quality product born and reared on your doorstep. Know where your lamb has come from. Limited food miles. Visit the Farm, by appointment. Know what you will be having on a monthly basis. No price rises on an annual basis, easy budgeting. Regular fresh product. First option on our other products, Ruby Red beef and Gloucester Old Spot pork - available later this year. Our animals are extensively reared with welfare a priority. We have nearly 40 years of farming experience and over 10 years of selling direct at Farmer’s Markets and Food Festivals We are inspected by our Local Authority and have a current Food Hygiene Certificate.


  • Lovaton Farm, Whiddon Down. 20kg to 25kg carcass @ £7.65 per kg = £153 to £191. Average £172.
  • Scarborough Shearling Community Supported Agriculture. 20 kg Shearling/Hogget. £160 Howton Farm, Moretonhampstead . 20kg to 25Kg carcass £160.

Beef share

We are currently in discussion with local producers about supplying beef in this way.

Venison and game share

We are currently in discussion with local producers about supplying venison and game in this way.

Future produce ideas

Please let us know via the contact page what you might to buy locally that we could produce for you. Whether it is Bison, poultry, rabbit, snails, mushrooms or something else.

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