Raw honey

We are experienced bee keepers and currently have 5 hives at the farm. We hope our honey product will encourage members to keep hives of their own and plant bee-friendly flowers to strengthen the gene pool and forage in the area.

We would also like to explore the idea of starting a co-operative through which local bee keepers can sell their honey. This way, members will benefit from access to a wide variety of honeys from different locations and flora local to Chagford. We will also organise mead and candle making afternoons each year around the festive season.

honey share

Welfare: We like to leave our bees with plenty of honey and pollen to feed themselves over winter and will only feed our bees sugar syrup if absolutely necessary. We don’t use chemicals in our beehives and use preventative and integrated pest management techniques to ensure the health of our bees.

We will keep the bees to organic welfare standards but cannot label the product as organic due to the proximity of non-organic land in Chagford. 

Chagfarm Raw Honeycomb