Goat meat

Nutritionally, Goat meat is lower than mutton in fat and cholesterol. It also has more minerals than chicken and is lower in total and saturated fats than many other meats. As it ranks right up with chicken and fish in the low fat department, it is highly recommended for a heart-healthy diet. One reason for the meat's leanness is that goats do not accumulate fat deposits in their muscles like cows  and pigs.

Goat meat is also one of the best sources of zinc and iron, boasts the fat busting B group vitamins and choline and selenium which help to prevent cancer. Goat meat is approximately the equivalent in caloric value to chicken and has less than half the calories of beef per serving.

Welfare: Chagfarm's goats will be raised under the Soil Association's organic standards. The goats will have ample summer pasture and will be brought into barns over the winter.