Sep 09, 2015

Raw goats’ milk now available with artisan cheeses and yoghurts to follow

With strong community support, Chagford-based Chagfarm are proud to announce the launch of their delicious and healthy raw goats’ milk following high local demand.

Available from today, Thursday 10 September, the highly anticipated goat dairy products will be met on a first come, first served basis to new and current members of the subscription farm. Costing from £2 a litre and £1 for ½ a litre, with low-income families benefiting from a 20 per cent discount, the raw milk is competitively priced against commercially produced goats’ milk.

The not-for-profit Dartmoor farmers have been milking six nanny goats since April and hope the locally produced, raw organic milk offering will encourage new members and boost the farm’s financial stability.

Davon Friend, Co-Founder and Director of Chagfarm, said: “After three years of hard work developing our micro goat dairy, we’re thrilled to finally launch our raw goats’ milk.”

“We strongly believe that pasteurisation and homogenisation are not what nature intended and can’t wait to finally shout about the incredible health benefits of raw goats’ milk, including less allergenic proteins, easily digestible fats and prebiotic properties. Watch this space for a selection of soft and hard handmade cheeses and yoghurts!, continued Friend.”

Full of real, nourishing enzymes and good bacteria which are normally destroyed by the pasteurisation process, goats’ milk takes up to 30 minutes to digest, compared to two hours or more for cows’ milk, meaning it is also a great alternative for the lactose intolerant.

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2014, Chagfarm was able to invest in its micro dairy facilities that have, alongside a robust food safety process, been approved by the Food Standards Agency and Environmental Health.

Entering its fourth year of business, the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) enterprise is now on more of a mission than ever to demonstrate its financial viability by recruiting an additional 17 new members by the end of the 2015/16 season in April.

To find out more about Chagfarm’s raw goats’ milk products, be a regular Chagfarm member or volunteer, please visit www.chagfarm.org.

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