The November Farm Update

Nov 03, 2017

This is the first newsletter I’ve ever written so please bear with me! 

Back in early October we bought a Saanen / Boer billy goat. Whist I was giving him his first evening dinner he decided to take the opportunity to jump over my shoulder and out of the pen. After a lengthy goat-chasing tour of the farm and beyond, Seb managed to catch hold of him by the leg and we led him back to the farm, each with a horn in our hand. We decided to name him Bolt, after the Jamaican Olympic champion. He’s now enjoying being with the girls and if all goes swimmingly, our nannie goats should be kidding in March next year.

Now to talk rats. I’m afraid we’ve had a bit of a problem with rats recently at the farm. The numbers are under control now but a while back they were managing, despite our constant efforts to rat-proof the container, to make their way into the chick rearing room. As a result, I’m very sorry to say that about 60 per cent of November’s chickens have had to be bought in from Otter Valley Poultry. The other 40 per cent are our own surplus chickens from last month, which you will find in the freezer.

We’re glad to say that we’re back on track for December’s chickens. As is customary at Chagfarm, December’s chickens will be supplied shortly before Christmas. This is because several members have requested that their chicken be fresh for Christmas dinner! If you’d like to do the same this Christmas, just let us know by emailing us on membership(at)chagfarm.org.

As for the pigs, they’re having a proper frolicking in the woods at the moment, which is of course their natural habitat. There’s plenty to forage at this time of year including acorns, hazelnuts, beech mast and roots.

That’s all for now, and wishing you all a lovely November.

From Sylvan and all at Chagfarm.