Workshare membership

Work shares enable members to work in exchange for their produce, providing they commit to working on regular or weekly basis. After a months trial, we will provide full training and a farm induction for each of the currently available roles:

  • Poultry Champion - poultry advise, support and project work - click here for job description
  • Cheese Monger - cheese making experience preferred, enthusiam compulsory
  • Animal Feeding/ Husbandry support - for when we need to be away
  • Relief Milker - again for when we need to be away
  • General Handyperson - tasks such as digging, collecting firewood, maintaining fencing, feeding animals etc

The difference between these roles and volunteering on the farm is that we pay you in produce at a rate of £6.50 per hour and expect a regular (normally weekly) commitment of hours in return. You record your hours in a book on the farm and we then credit your farm account so that you can enjoy Chagfarm produce with it.