Chagfarm membership options

The farm offers several membership options:

1. Produce share. Members get an equal share of the produce or animal and pay a set fee annually or monthly. Orders and delivery frequencies are agreed at the start.

2. A monthly or annual subscription. The entry level subscription is £10 a month and members can place orders in advance against their monthly charge or let it build up for something special later on in the year. By signing up to this type of membership, you'll benefit from receiving credit statements and exclusive promotions for seasonal produce. Produce will be subject to availability on a first come, first served basis as members can order produce at any point in the year. To cancel your membership we require at least two month's notice.

3. General membership. This supports the general running of the farm and costs from only £2 a month per household.

4. Bulk buy. Invest in 5 years of produce worth at least £500. You'll decide annually what produce you'd like and we'll pay your interest in produce based on the amount we owe you each year. By signing up to a 5 year membership you will greatly help with our start-up costs.

5. A produce trial. This allows you to sign up to a trial period with no obligation to continue if you're not completely satisfied.

6. A limited amount of work and low income shares are available. Work shares enable members to work for produce, providing they commit to working certain shifts on our rota. The work will initially involve feeding and milking the animals but will develop to include other tasks. Training will be provided. Read more.

There will be approximately six low income shares available for the 2014 / 2015 season. We strongly believe that through small-scale farming methods, fantastic local and high-welfare food must be both affordable and sustainable.

7. We will consider trading or part-trading the following for produce:

  • Building materials
  • Fencing materials
  • Dairy equipment
  • Stock or other trailers
  • Organic feed and hay
  • Logs and fuel

Then, simply decide what produce you'd like to buy from our produce page and complete our online sign up form or download and print our paper based form.

To make the registration process as hassle-free as possible, we've developed an online quote and sign up tool that helps you to decide the best membership, produce and payment plan for you. Otherwise you can also use our paper based membership form as last year. Just let us know if you'd like a quote.

To open our online quote and sign up tool click here: online quote tool

To open our new paper based membership form click here: new member form

Please return all completed membership forms to the Courtyard Cafe in Chagfood or email it to  membership(at) Payment can be made later but must be arranged the month before you start receiving your produce.


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"What’s really important to us is that we get an annual commitment from our members who have the option of paying up front or monthly by direct debit"

If you're interested in becoming a Chagfarm member, please complete our membership form found here and email it to us or hand it in to the Courtyard Cafe or Proper Job in Chagford.

Download the membership form here!

What our members say

It’s a family project, so we can bring the children, they can interact and get an understanding how the animals that they have are also food that we eat and that its not something that’s just plucked off the shelf.

Angharad Barlow, Chagford

What Stars you are! The ham hock was delicious as was the venison. The chicken was huge and probably the best I have tasted. Going to deal with the trotters next..... :)

Claire Smith, Chagford

Your chicken was the best I have ever eaten, delicious and tender!

Josh McDonald-Johnson, Pickleshack Ltd