10 great reasons to buy our produce

We think the main benefit is that members can see the origin and welfare of their food, but there's a few more we could wax-lyrical about, including:

  1. You can meet our animals and like-minded people on one of our family-friendly Farm Open Days or social events
  2. We farm to organic standards - you won't find any toxic chemicals on our land, in our milk or meat products!
  3. We only buy in additional produce from our local network meaning you'll also be supporting ethical and existing food enterprises and producers within 15 miles of Chagford
  4. We aren’t driven by profit, so we have no shareholders to impress, just our members
  5. Convenience food – it's all been locally produced and retailed. Its delivered in one place locally for you to collect it and we'll send you a text message when its waiting for you.
  6. Affordability - our produce is typically cheaper than similar high quality and organic produce available in supermarkets
  7. Our packaging is biodegradable, recycled or recyclable
  8. We know all our members' names...and sometimes their dogs! Give us a ring and we can put you through to the farmer or manager, meaning giving your feedback couldn't be easier (link to feedback form here)
  9. Access to special dietary foods, including raw goats' milk, organic woodland reared chicken, local honey and chorizo
  10. We share our resourses and agricultural knowledge with the community so that important  heritage skills, including hedge-laying and dry-stone walling don't become rural myths

You can review our produce, get a quote and sign up by clicking here.