Environment and sustainability

At Chagfarm we are committed to a sustainable vision of food production which also incorporates lowering our own fuel emissions, reducing packaging wherever possible and making the right decisions regarding our partnerships with local suppliers.


A staggering 8.3 million tonnes of food is wasted every year in the UK. A third of food waste can be attributed to households, while the rest is due to retailers and wholesalers throwing away produce that isn’t good enough to sell. At Chagfarm we are committed to reducing our waste by:

  • Feeding the rest of the waste to our pigs
  • Working with our customers and suppliers to reduce the need to waste produce

The land

We aim to farm the land simply to gently improve carbon sequestration, soil fertility and wildlife diversity for everyone's benefit. 

For more information on our land, please see our first ecology survey here.

With the help of our farm ecologist's ecohab consultancy we have also recently put up 32 boxes so that we can monitor the dormouse population in our woods each summer. We have just provided our five large black pigs with access to these woods for the first time during the autumn nut fall and want to monitor the impact they have on the 2.5 acres of woodland.

Bought-in Produce

To provide produce all year round, we have to buy some of our produce from other local farms. We never import produce by air freight and make our decisions about the produce we sell based on seasonality and best practice. This means that we don’t automatically buy the cheapest, choosing instead to use suppliers that share our vision and aims.


We make weekly deliveries to central collections in each of our local parishes.


There really is no alternative to simply reducing packaging though we recognise some is needed to get your produce to you in a good condition. We:

  • Recycle all of our plastic, paper and cardboard
  • Use conventional plastic bags (recycled when possible) rather than bio-plastics or compostable as neither can be recycled effectively and can lead to higher emissions
  • Are exploring using returnable glass bottles for our raw goats milk

Finally remember to return your milk bottles so it can be used again if appropriate!

A fair deal

The environment isn’t simply the atmosphere that surrounds us but includes all of the people and life that we interact with on a daily basis. At Chagfarm we believe that everyone we deal with from members to workers to suppliers should receive a fair deal.