about chagfarm

who we are

After growing up on a beautiful smallholding on the bank of the River Avon in South Devon, Sylvan decided to return to his farming heritage and with a little help from Davon, Chagfarm was born. With Sylvan's 10 years' experience as a carpenter, Davon's strong business background and a combined passion for local food, the brothers have the skills and determination to make a living from a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project. Supported by a number of committed volunteers, including several workshare members who volunteer in exchange for produce, Chagfarm is fast becoming a trusted source of delicious high welfare food among local residents.

Chagfarm is always on the look out for new team members, so please do get in touch if you would like to be part of an ambitious CSA project and help us to broaden our range of local produce. 

what we do

We are one of the UK’s first community-supported micro-dairies and started operating in April 2013. We primarily produce goats’ milk dairy but also free-range pork, woodland poultry and honey under a Community Supported Agriculture business model. This means that we operate as a subscription farm where customers sign up as members and commit to buy a certain amount of produce over a period of at least a year. Our members are people local to our collection points in Chagford, Drewsteignton and Moretonhampstead.

As a not-for-profit and Community Interest company, all Chagfarm members have a say on everything from what we produce, to our future growth and plans for development.

the vision

Chagfarm aims to make the local community’s food supply more resilient by working closely with Chagfood, another local food enterprise, and complementing their existing vegetable subscription offer. We’re acutely aware that the modern convenience culture shaped by supermarkets means that more and more people are detached from the actual origin of their food, and we want this to change. We think food miles and animal welfare should be a priority and want to be part of a thriving local food economy with a high proportion of local food producers as depicted in the diagram below.


To ensure the farm's sustainability, we plan to gradually increase the number of products, members and employees over time. Our long term target is to be an integral part of the community's food and social scene and have 100 members signed up by 2018.

our values

1.    Contributing to a more robust local community – we want to complement the existing local food network of shops and producers, reduce food miles and bring greater resilience to the local economy. We're also passionate about promoting the local area as a destination for high quality food, and will continue to raise awareness of the fantastic range of existing producers at our public meetings, in our promotional material and by developing a strong hub of local food producers.

2.    Promoting high welfare farming systems – we believe that high welfare and healthy animals are nutritionally better for human consumption. We will demonstrate a highly productive small scale alternative to modern, intensive factory farming.

3.    Recognising local heritage – we will select heritage breeds which have a history of presence in the local area. We will also manage the land and animals using traditional methods to maintain the character of the local landscape.

4.    Enabling community involvement – we want people to reconnect with the origin of their food and discover the benefits of small-scale farming on the environment, biodiversity and our own health.

5.    Local employment and education - As Chagfarm grows, we will offer a wider variety of products, employ more local people and run training courses such as cheese making, dry curing and mead making for members and the wider local community.

6.    Sustainable levels of meat consumption – our meat motto is: quality over quantity. We think that our consumption of meat should reflect the viability of producing it in a sustainable way.

7.    Strengthening the producer / consumer relationship – we promise to deliver the highest possible levels of transparency and will provide regular opportunities for feedback.