Welcome to Chagford Community Farm CIC - Join the local food renaissance

Chagfarm aims to make the local community's food supply more resilient by working closely with Chagfood, another local food enterprise, and complementing their existing vegetable subscription offer. We do this by offering local goat dairy products and honey, as well as high-welfare goat meat, pork and organic woodland poultry.

We differ from other conventional farms as we operate on a payment by subscription basis, meaning customers sign up as members and commit to buying a certain amount of produce over a period of at least a year.

Our mission is to develop a thriving local economy by supporting existing producers and retailers, including working with local butchers and offering produce from other farms which share our ethos.


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Membership targets for 2017/ 2018 season

Become a Chagfarm member and revolutionise the way you shop for food this year. By signing up to our produce on a regular basis, not only will you enjoy delicious local goat dairy products, goat meat, chicken, pork and honey, but you'll also be supporting your local food economy and low-impact farming methods.

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Existing membership 76
Target Membership 80
% of target met 95%

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We are organically certified

Chagfarm CIC is organically licenced by the Soil Association, trading under licence number AB22582. Our woodland reared organic chicken, pork, goats dairy and meat will all be certified this year.

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